Miroslaw Dembinski


Opus Film


The story of a biology assistant professor who conducts research on the therapeutic use of the venom of tropical tarantulas. Rumor has it that he wants the elixir of youth. A quiet job and family life prevent him from not having his own place. After a serious conversation with his wife, the docent decides to rent an apartment in a lonely villa. Its owner is an eccentric spinster who wants to test the results of the scientist's research on herself. The docent's family finds it difficult to acclimate to the new place. At night they dream of tarantulas. In the morning, the scientist finds a spider molt in the corner. In an exam, one of the students recognizes that it comes from a tarantula. It turns out that he dropped her off at the docent's apartment, wanting to take revenge for failing to pass. Another night turns into a nightmare. The whole family is afraid of a sudden attack by deadly spiders that can be anywhere.

Forever and Ever